Lowland Snow Chances Ahead For Puget Sound: Forecast

SEATTLE — A wintry chill will stick around for the last full week of fall, and more moisture ahead could bring the lowlands a few chances at a dusting of snow in the coming days.

According to the latest forecasts, most of Puget Sound can expect rain showers Monday, with another dose of snow on tap for the mountains. There’s a slight chance for a rain/snow mix Monday night and early Tuesday, with better odds in the forecast heading toward mid-week. Any snow that does make it to the lowlands is expected to be light, and no significant accumulations are expected.

“Latest guidance suggests a low probability of any accumulating snowfall in the lowlands Monday night, but increasing closer to 40-50% toward Tuesday and Wednesday nights,” wrote Matthew Cullen, the lead forecaster for NWS Seattle. “For most lowland areas, any of this snow will be generally conversational in nature – that is, something to talk about but without significant impacts. However, some light accumulations and resulting impacts can’t be completely ruled out if the timing of coldest air and heavier showers comes together just right.”

(NWS Seattle)

Temperatures will trend cooler through the week, with afternoon temperatures in the low 40s around Seattle and overnight lows getting closer to freezing over each of the next few days. Forecasters said early indications have Friday morning as potentially the coolest of the week, with morning temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s across the region.

The National Weather Service’s extended forecasts show chances for a rain/snow mix in the overnight and early morning hours through Friday. Updates on the evolving forecast will be shared as the forecast firms up in the days to come.

Here is the 5-day weather outlook for the Seattle area:

  • Monday: 43°/35° (Showers likely, PM chance of rain/snow)
  • Tuesday: 41°/34° (Chance of rain/snow)
  • Wednesday: 41°/32° (Chance of rain/snow)
  • Thursday: 41°/32° (Chance of rain/snow)
  • Friday: 40°/35° (Chance of rain/snow showers)

Source: Bellevue Patch