Most Bellevue Ballots Counted: King County 2021 Election Recap

BELLEVUE, WA — Monday’s updated election results put an unofficial cap on this year’s election season in King County, providing voters an updated tally that accounts for the vast majority of the 36,000 ballots that were left to count at the end of last week.

However, there are still nearly 6,000 voters who still need to resolve signature issues with their ballots before they can be counted. Elections officials said roughly half of that group was flagged for having a signature that did not match the one on record, while the other half were left unsigned. Voters have until Nov. 22 to correct their ballots.

While there are still two weeks left before the election results are certified, Monday’s results offer a pretty clear picture of how scores of local races panned out, including close city council contests in Sammamish and Renton.

Here are the latest results for key races in Bellevue:

City Council Pos. 2

  • Lynne Robinson: 69.85%
  • Gina Johnson: 29.9%

Bellevue School District, No. 3

  • Joyce Shui: 67.87%
  • Faye Yang: 31.71%

With nearly all ballots counted, King County came much closer to its projected voter turnout goal of 46 percent, landing just shy of 44 percent countywide. A few communities outperformed their neighbors, including Lake Forest Park (57.84%), Seattle (55.14%) and Mercer Island (53.43%). Others fell a little short of the goal, including Renton (29.65%), Redmond (38.23%) and Issaquah (38.51%).

Among age groups, older voters were well ahead of their younger peers, with turnout considerably higher among residents 65 and older.

(King County Elections)

Here are how a few of the other races around King County panned out:

King County Executive

  • Dow Constantine: 54.71%
  • Joe Nguyen: 44.12%

County Council District 1

  • Rod Dembowski: 83.22%
  • Sally Caverzan: 16.15%

County Council District 3

  • Sarah Perry: 55.76%
  • Kathy Lambert: 43.91%

County Council District 5

  • Pete von Reichbauer: 67.15%
  • Dominique Torgerson: 31.7%

County Council District 9

  • Reagan Dunn: 62.17%
  • Kim-Khanh Van: 37.51%

Seattle Mayor:

  • Bruce Harrell: 58.77%
  • M. Lorena González: 40.92%

Seattle City Attorney

  • Ann Davison: 51.69%
  • Nicole Thomas-Kennedy: 47.53%

Source: Bellevue Patch