Renters Insurance Is Not Just For Your “Stuff”

Our clients often tell us they don’t need Renters Insurance — “I don’t have much stuff,“ they say, or “My stuff is not worth much.“
Most people think Renters Insurance is just for protecting their stuff and nothing else. It is so cheap, so how important can it be? Especially if you feel you don’t have anything valuable enough to protect.

But Renters Insurance is very important because you have more to protect than just your stuff.

3 Important Coverages That Renters Insurance Provides:

Renters Insurance Is Not Just For Your Stuff - Play

  • Loss of use coverage. If a fire (in your place or your neighbor’s) or something else forced you out of your home, what would you do? You’d have to find a place to stay temporarily or maybe even for months. And the temporary place might cost you more than your normal rent. Renters Insurance provides loss of use coverage and helps pay for that and other additional expenses you may incur.
  • Personal liability protection. If someone trips and gets hurt in your home, they can sue you. If your cute dog that loves everyone bites one of your guests, they may sue, as well. Lawsuits happen — even between friends. Renters Insurance helps cover legal expenses and even judgments if you should lose.
  • Personal property coverage. Yes, this does mean your stuff but Renters Insurance really protects your wallet. Take a moment and add up what it would cost to replace everything you own from socks and underwear all the way to your fancy electronics. How much would cost to head to the mall right now and replace it all? A lot more than you thought and probably want to spend.

Renters Insurance protects YOU.

If you would like a Renters Insurance quote, call and talk to one of our insurance professionals directly at (509)783-5600 or fill out the quote form and we will get the quote started and call you. We are happy to offer straightforward advice and discuss your insurance options.

Article Source: Mid-Columbia Insurance Agency