Sesh Velamoor, Futurist (May 31st) – The State of the Planet: A Long Term Future Perspective

Sesh Velamoor, recognized as a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, has had a unique and distinguished career in three different fields spanning over nearly 45 years: in business, as a member of boards, chief executive and consultant in the electromechanical manufacturing industry; as a lecturer in business administration at university level; and as a trustee and director of programs at the non-profit Foundation For the Future with responsibility for planning, designing, and conducting conferences, seminars, workshops and onstage interviews involving several hundred scholars of world renown, exploring the long term future of humanity on a wide array of themes such as climate change, energy, water, cultural evolution, future of humans in space, demographics, genetics and society, future humans, education etc. He is a regularly invited panelist in global seminars and conferences, as a speaker at numerous global forums on aspects of the future. He has also published articles and essays in several different journals of Future Studies.

Source: Bellevue Rotary Club