Wanted: Feedback on city’s new demonstration greenway

The city’s first neighborhood greenway has opened on 165th and 166th avenues in East Bellevue, and we want to know what you think of the project, which aims to create a safer, more comfortable corridor for people to walk and bicycle through the neighborhood.  

Please respond to a short questionnaire at EngagingBellevue.com/east-bellevue-greenway. Feedback will help determine whether to keep or refine project features, and will provide insights for use in planning future greenways. The questionnaire, available in seven languages, takes 5-10 minutes to complete and will be live through January 2022. 

The two-mile long greenway runs from Southeast 14th Street to Northup Way. The “demonstration” aspect means quick-build, low-cost treatments have been temporarily installed and soliciting community feedback is an important part of the project. Features of the East Bellevue Demonstration Greenway include: 

  • Bicycle pavement markings to raise awareness about bicyclists in the corridor
  • Rapid-build, decorative traffic circles at five intersections 
  • Stop sign repositioning at key intersections 
  • Speed reduction to 20 mph from 25 mph
  • Wayfinding signs directing people to nearby destinations

Also known as “neighborhood bikeways” or “bicycle boulevards” in other cities, Bellevue’s greenway project builds on last year’s Healthy Streets pilot, where some streets, including the 165th/166th avenue corridor, were closed to non-local vehicle traffic to allow better physical distancing in response to the pandemic. The 165th/166th avenue greenway route has been identified in the city’s long-range transportation plans for more than a decade.

Source: City News