Winter Weather Advisory: More Snow, Cold Temps For Puget Sound

SEATTLE — Hopefully you’re somewhere warm and cozy this holiday season, because Puget Sound is about to get blasted with the snowiest, coldest weather of the winter.

Western Washington had hopes for a white Christmas but, while some parts of the Sound and Peninsula saw a light dusting of snow, Sunday is when the snow should really start to fall— with forecasters predicting up to seven inches of snow in some locations. As a result, meteorologists with the National Weather Service have issued a Winter Weather Advisory for almost all of Western Washington, warning of cold temperatures and slippery road conditions.

The advisory will remain in effect through 10 p.m. Sunday, and predicts between two and seven inches of snow for portions of Puget Sound above 500 feet. In most cities, however, it likely won’t accumulate much— maybe an inch, probably less.

(NWS Seattle)

Still, that’s enough snow to make our roads nice and treacherous. Forecasters warn to expect road closures, and ask drivers to double-check conditions before heading out, especially if they’re driving over the mountain passes.

On top of snow, Western Washingtonians will have two other things to worry about: the wind and the cold. Weather modeling shows a cold air mass traveling south from Canada overnight Saturday and early Sunday morning, dropping temperatures significantly. By Monday, highs will be below freezing, and lows will be down to the low teens and 20s. That’s cold enough that long term exposure could cause hypothermia or frostbite, a serious concern for neighbors without adequate access to heating. Sensitive plants should also be brought inside, and exposed pipes may need to be covered to prevent bursting.

Complimenting the cold will be the influx of breezy, gusty winds. Forecasters warn the winds will likely cause wind chill into the single digits for some areas. Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia can expect wind chill of about 11 degrees, which experts predict will be the “coldest air of the season”.

(NWS Seattle)

Unfortunately, while the chance for snow will evaporate come Monday, the temperatures will continue their dive— Monday is expected to be the coldest day, with temperatures slowly crawling back to normal through the rest of the work week. Tuesday will also present another chance for snow, though it won’t be as heavy as Sundays, after which forecasters say to expect a dry, cold week.

Source: Bellevue Patch