After Tsunami, Snow & Flooding: A Welcome Return To Normality

SEATTLE — After the kind of winter we’ve had, boring weather is about the most exciting thing that can happen.

2022 has been off with a bang, with snow, floods, even a tsunami advisory this weekend following the volcanic eruption near Tonga. Fortunately, for the next few days at least, it’s looking like Western Washington is due for some smooth sailing.

Following scattered showers Tuesday afternoon, skies are expected to remain largely clear through Wednesday morning. After that, a new front will move in midday Wednesday, bringing with it more rain, which will last through Thursday. However, it’s nothing too serious— forecasters say it should be moist, possibly joined by patchy fog, but not particularly heavy. It will also clear out again by Friday, making room for mostly sunny skies this weekend.

Over the weekend, residents can expect partly to mostly clear skies and highs in the upper 40s. However, there will be a chance for fog before 10 a.m. and after 10 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Overnight lows will cool somewhat into the upper 30s.

If that sounds a little unremarkable, it is! But it’s probably preferable to the disruptive rain and snow we saw earlier this winter— at least for some of us.

Source: Bellevue Patch