Alice Miller (May 24th) – Beauty and Duty: 100 Years of What Women Have Worn in the Workplace – a Vintage Clothing Museum Comes to Bellevue Rotary


Alice Miller has been collecting women’s military, service and civilian uniforms and outfits for over 20 years. Her collection spans from 1898 to today’s women. She has a deep appreciation for history. As she started collecting the uniforms she found that each and every uniform or outfit told a story about the woman who wore it. She discovered that using the clothing piqued people’s interest and showing what people were wearing 100, 80, or even 40 years ago was an excellent way to help people imagine what it was like to live in the past. Our clothing changes to meet the needs of our changing environment. The name of the collection is ‘Beauty and Duty’’. Alice and her husband Steve set up displays at museums, historical societies, service originations, schools and veterans groups.

They do a number of regular programs every year for fund raisers for groups like the Salvation Army, the USO, and others. They have done many programs for the Museum of Flight, the Historic Flight Museum, the White River Museum, the Karshner Museum, the museums and event centers on Joint Base Lewis/McChord, the museum at Camp Murray, and of course the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, along with others out of the area. They work with the Children’s Hospital Vintage Fashion Program to raise money for their uncompensated care fund. They also have worked with many schools to help teachers bring history alive. They have been invited all over the US to participate in special events. Some of the items in the collection are one of a kind pieces that were originally owned by historically significant persons such as the founder of the Army Nurse Corps. The program they will be presenting is “100 years of women in the workplace”

Source: Bellevue Rotary Club