Bellevue Reaches Demolition Agreement With Somerset Family

BELLEVUE, WA — The city of Bellevue reached a formal agreement Friday with a family whose home was swept off its foundation and partially collapsed after a water main break and landslide in the Somerset neighborhood last month.

News of the agreement follows a lawsuit the city filed against the Surdis, seeking a court order to demolish the property over concerns for neighboring properties. According to the city, engineers found the was was unstable and at risk of an imminent collapse. The deal means no legal action will be necessary.

Officials said Friday’s agreement will allow demolition work to get underway as soon as next week, and contractors will remove the home and salvage as much of their property as possible. It also allows the family to retrieve certain items and recover their vehicles, the city said.

“This is an important milestone and I’m thankful both parties were able to find a way to provide an opportunity for the family to safely recover personal property,” said Brad Miyake, Bellevue’s City Manager. “Bellevue’s number-one priority throughout this process has been to keep the property owners and surrounding neighborhood safe, given the dangerous conditions. Our hearts go out to the family and the other impacted homeowners as they continue to deal with the aftermath of this unimaginable event.”

The city said the Surdi’s home and five others remain “red-tagged,” with their occupants unable to return until officials can ensure the area is safe. A full investigation into the cause of the water main break and the landslide is ongoing.

Source: Bellevue Patch