Electrical service reliability webinar Nov. 18

Annual report reviews power outages and trends

The annual electrical reliability workshop will be a virtual webinar this year on Thursday, Nov. 18, 6-7:30 p.m. via Zoom. At the workshop, Puget Sound Energy will present a report about its electrical service reliability. 

The workshop brings together city staff, Puget Sound Energy staff and community stakeholders to discuss PSE’s report. Required by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission for PSE’s entire system, the report covers the frequency and duration of power outages to measure the reliability of PSE’s Bellevue circuits. The report identifies performance trends and provides information concerning unplanned outages. 

Join the virtual workshop at https://cityofbellevue.zoom.us/j/91718433928 using the passcode: 195853.

The city is required to consider the location of existing and proposed utilities and potential utility corridors in its land use planning. The city must also plan for the adequate provision of utilities consistent with the city’s Comprehensive Plan goals and objectives. A reliable power supply is important to Bellevue residents, businesses and stakeholders as the city plans for the future. Although it is important to the city’s electrical facilities planning, the Energize Eastside project is not part of the annual electrical reliability webinar and will not be addressed during the report or discussion.

An electrical reliability workshop was not held in 2020 due to COVID-19 health protocols in place at the time but 2020 data, along with reports from prior years, are available on the city’s website

Source: City News