Eviction Resolution Program Helps 100s In Bellevue, Kirkland

BELLEVUE, WA — A pilot program to help prevent evictions and cover rent for tenants in need has successfully helped hundreds of Bellevue and Kirkland neighbors since the state’s eviction moratorium expired last year, according to officials.

Earlier this week, the Bellevue City Council heard a report on its Eviction Resolution Pilot Program, which offers households making less than the median income the chance to secure financial assistance to cover overdue rent and mortgage payments. Claims for Bellevue and Kirkland are handled through Bellevue’s “Conflict Resolution Center,” which the city says handled more than 530 requests since Oct. 31.

Out of those claims, Bellevue officials said 92 percent were placed in negotiations for repayment plans or were able to pay outstanding balances with other resources or assistance. Landlords and tenants can still contact the center for assistance and schedule an appointment by calling 425-452-4091 or via e-mail. To be eligible, households must meet income limits between 30 percent and 80 percent of the 2021 median.

Source: Bellevue Patch