Bellevue College looking to fill space for healthcare management and leadership program

At the start of the pandemic, many educational institutions had to shift from in person learning to online learning, but Bellevue College’s healthcare management and leadership (HCML) bachelor’s degree program has exclusively offered remote learning since its inception in 2016.

“Our faculty didn’t miss a beat. We’ve been doing it for six years,” said Shana Chung, associate professor and program chair. “We know how to teach online.”

HCML students can choose from two paths to earn their bachelor of applied science degree: general healthcare management, and radiation and imaging management. Students are admitted twice per year–in the fall and spring–and space remains available for this fall. The deadline to apply is August 31.

According to Chung, the program attracts students from across the country, to include Oregon, California, Hawai’i, Nevada, Texas, New York, Utah and Maryland.

Being completely online allows HCML students to log in at any time, making it convenient for students in different time zones, those who may be working, those who have families, and those with other obligations. Chung brought up how the program consists of team assignments and projects that require students to coordinate their schedules in order to collaborate with each other.

Classes for the HCML program begin at 300 and 400 levels, so students entering the program must have already completed some qualifying college credits, or have an associate’s degree. HCML completion takes two years for full-time students, and three years for part-time students.

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Source: Bellevue Reporter