DUI, SR22, and Cheap Car Insurance

DUI, SR22, and Car Insurance

Relax, you just found an insurance agency that won’t judge and understands what you’re going through. If it is your first DUI, you will probably have to pay a fine, get an SR22 filing to get your driver’s license unsuspended, and have an ignition interlock device installed. Your DUI may seem like one costly expense after another but your auto insurance doesn’t have to be. Give us a call so we can talk about some affordable DUI car insurance options.

If you get a DUI, your current insurance company may significantly raise your rates or may even drop you when they find out or at renewal. Your car insurance rates will be higher after you get caught drinking and driving but don’t let that embarrassment stop you from shopping around for the best car insurance after getting a DUI.

SR-22 Car Insurance

The penalties you receive for a DUI may vary, but one thing is certain: if your license is suspended, you will need to get SR-22 auto insurance before you can get your license reinstated and yourself back behind the wheel. An SR-22 isn’t some kind of “special” or “high-risk” insurance coverage. The SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that your insurance company sends to the Washington State Department of Licensing, which verifies that you are carrying auto insurance. An SR-22 insurance form is often required for three years following getting your license suspended. If your coverage is canceled for any reason, your insurance company is required to notify the state, and if you don’t reinstate the SR-22, you will lose your license.

Mid-Columbia Insurance can insure your cars or just your license, so you have an SR22 for any car you drive. Even if you were dropped by your current insurance company because of a DUI, we can still get you relatively affordable car insurance. We represent a number of companies that can file the SR 22 and that offer affordable coverage if you have had a DUI (or two). Some of our companies even rank a DUI ticket lower than an at-fault accident.

We Work for You” to ensure your complete satisfaction, so call us for your DUI insurance quote now. Get an insurance quote today on your car or on your license and see how much you can save!

We offer:

  • Low DUI insurance rates
  • SR-22 insurance expertise
  • Drivers License (Broadform) Insurance

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