Outdoor Dining Program in Downtown Bellevue has Begun

On-Street Dining Bellevue, Main Street
On-street dining at Cantinetta and Fern Thai

Al Fresco dining begins today, May 24th, throughout Downtown Bellevue. This is the third summer that the program has taken place.

During the pandemic, the City of Bellevue supported local businesses by providing additional outdoor space for restaurants and retailers to accommodate social distancing. Based on overwhelming positive feedback, “al fresco” dining became a permanent fixture for providing long-term support to restaurants offering outdoor dining.

There are over 40 dining destinations with outdoor seating like 520 Bar & Grill, Andiamo Ristorante, Araya’s Place, Black Bottle, Daniel’s Broiler, Mercato Stellina, and Peony Kitchen. For a full list of restaurants offering dining outdoors, visit Bellevue Downtown Association’s website.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the Bellevue Downtown Association and the City of Bellevue worked together to streamline permitting and identify spaces where businesses could expand their dining in a safer environment. In 2021, they announced that they were extending the program on and near Main Street in Old Bellevue.

The “Al Fresco” dining program remains in place through the beginning of fall, weather permitting. In 2021, the expanded outdoor dining areas stayed open until September 19th.

Source: Downtown Bellevue Network