Torrey Volk (Feb. 8th) – Getting It Right with EdTech: Addressing System-Wide Failure in K-8 Math Education

CEO, MasterTrack Solutions

Torrey Volk (M.Ed. Educational Technology, B.S. Math Education, B.A. Mathematics/Statistics) has over thirty years of experience in K-8 math  education. After teaching Middle School math for many years, she received her Master’s in Education Technology and worked as a math consultant supporting schools with standards-based instruction. Providing curriculum mapping support, lesson design, assessments, progress monitoring,  differentiation strategies, and technology integration, Torrey has been an integral part of supporting schools in improving and strengthening their K-8 math programs.

As a math teacher and consultant, Torrey discovered that teachers routinely face the same challenge: trying to support their students who are often missing various prerequisite foundational skills, making it difficult for students to reach their full potential in current grade level math. So, Torrey founded MasterTrack in 2012 to provide teachers and schools with an online progress monitoring system and framework to ensure that ALL students master previous grade level skills while still moving through current grade level learning. MasterTrack supports both teachers and instructional leaders to ensure that all students have a solid elementary math foundation.

Source: Bellevue Rotary Club