WA Has 2 Of Top 100 Most Expensive ZIP Codes In USA: Report

WASHINGTON — Washington sports some of the priciest ZIP codes in the United States, with two of the top 100 most expensive areas nationwide this year found in King County, according to a new report.

Realtyhop.com released its 2021 data, which said that on the whole, the most expensive ZIP codes in the United States became 7.1 percent more expensive than last year.

The nation’s 100 priciest zips are located in just 11 states, including Washington, with 83 percent found within California and New York.

Two King County communities ranked among the Top 10o most expensive in the country, Realtyhop said: Medina’s 98039 was the 16th priciest ZIP code, with the median list price of homes for sale a whopping $3,595,000. Mercer Island’s 98040 ZIP code ranked 88th, with a $1,950,000 median list price of homes for sale.

By state, California has 63 of the 100 priciest ZIP codes, followed by New York with 20 and New Jersey with five, according to the company.

Meanwhile, 47 ZIP codes have a median listing price of $2.5 million or more.

The most expensive zips became even more expensive this year. The median list price across the 100 cities in Realtyshops report is $2,476,250, up from $2,312,000 in 2020.

To view the entire Realtyhop.com report on the most expensive zip codes for 2021, click here.

Patch editor Lisa Finn contributed to this report.

Source: Bellevue Patch