Lids by Design Review (Contours Rx) Instant Eye Life Patch That Works or Scam?

Lids by Design is an adhesive beauty strip from Contours Rx that lifts your eyelids for a more youthful appearance. It is not a permanent solution and requires no painful surgery or injections to create the desired effect.

What are Lids by Design?

Everyone has features they would like to change or adjust, but the permanence of going under the knife or getting any other major procedure is intimidating. What if you aren’t happy with the results? What if you want a more natural appearance? What if you don’t want to go through all the pain that comes with healing? While plenty of tricks can be done with makeup, Lids by Design gives users a quick and effective way of opening their beautiful eyes.

Lids by Design comes from Contours Rx, providing an adhesive strip that goes right along the brow bone to lift and open the eyes. It is the ideal product for anyone who wants to correct saggy, droopy, or hooded eyelids. It is a temporary solution, but the corrective strip can be used along the top eyelid to create the open appearance that users want.

Measuring just 6mm long, users can adjust the adhesive strip to get precisely the lift they want. It is safe to wear for work, nights out, and more. It doesn’t require much effort to place, so consumers who want to create a different look only need a couple of minutes to decide on the best placement. This strip comes with full directions to get optimal results.

Due to the coloration and thin material, Lids by Design is entirely inclusive, allowing all skin tones to get the lifting benefits. The results are instant, meaning there’s no recovery time or waiting. Dermatologists already approve everything used in this product, and users can customize their lift for each eye with differing degrees of sagging.


How Do Lids by Design Work?

While there are skincare remedies and procedures that consumers can get to correct hooded lids or sagging, the effect offered by Lids by Design is temporary. Users just need to remove the adhesive strip and place it along their eyelids to lift the skin and create a more youthful appearance.

This strip is exclusively made with organic and medical-grade ingredients, ensuring it won’t irritate the user’s skin. Plus, it has the approval of dermatologists. Users don’t have to put them in the same spot on each side, ensuring they customize how they want to lift their lids every time.

Purchasing Lids by Design

While many cosmetics stores and makeup shops could benefit from carrying the Lids by Design strips, Contours Rx only allows them to be sold on the official website. Luckily, three packages are offered, and consumers who buy more than one box will get free shipping. Plus, as the quantity increases, consumers will notice a drop in the total cost of their package.

The available options include:

  • Buy one box for $31.95
  • Buy two boxes for $30.00 each
  • Buy three boxes for $26.00 each

If the user doesn’t like the look they create with Lids by Design, they can request a refund from customer service within 30 days for unopened boxes. You can contact customer service via the following methods if you have any questions:


Frequently Asked Questions About Lids by Design

Q – Are Lids by Design strips safe for consumers?

A – Yes. All strips use hypoallergenic materials that are free of latex and are already tested by dermatologists to ensure safety. The medical-grade strips even base their adhesive on ingredients from organic sources.

Q – Will Lids by Design last throughout the day?

A – Yes. The user should only put the strips on when their eyelids are clean and dry to have lasting effects for as long as they are worn. Users should remove all oils, makeup, and moisturizing agents.

Q – How many strips do users get in every package?

A – Users will get 80 strips in each box.

Q – What if users put down the strip incorrectly?

A – Users will need to take the time to learn to apply the strip with the proper placement. However, if the user doesn’t position it the way they want the first time, they can peel it off and reposition it. Once the user gets the hang of the correct position, they can replace the strip where they want with a clean one to ensure that the adhesive lasts throughout the day.

Q – Can the Lids by Design strips be reused?

A – While the adhesive might hold on, consumers should throw away the strips after each use.

Q – Are Lids by Design strips safe to use while wearing contact lenses?

A – Yes. The materials are non-irritating and can be safely worn when the user has contact lenses.

Q – How long will it take for consumers to see a change in their appearance?

A – The results happen immediately, held in place by the correcting strip. However, these results are not permanent; users will need to put on another strip after taking the previous one off to continue with the same look.

Q – Will the strip leave behind any residue?

A – No. The organic ingredients are easy to pull off the skin with the strip.

Q – Are Lids by Design strips suitable for the bags under the eyes?

A – Unfortunately, no. These strips are only meant to be used on the upper lid.


Lids by Design allow anyone to get a quick lift for their eyelids without having to do many words. It is affordable and easy to apply, even for people who don’t always use these cosmetic strips. It contains no latex, and it is completely hypoallergenic. Since it works for any skin tone, consumers of all different complexions can get the lift they want. Users can wear the strips all day long and blend in with the rest of the complexion so no one will know their secret. Visit the official website today to order your Lids by Design!


Source: Bellevue Reporter